So this really is my very first blog! And this gigantic picture that came with WordPress really helped me to get a focus on where to start. It ties in perfectly with my message about getting in financial order. Sometimes the world we live in can seem so large…just like this photo. Tell me, what sense do you get when you really look at it? Is it gigantic? Is it cold and grim? Does it feel lacking or lonely? Or, does it give you a feeling of creating wonders in a field of unknown opportunities? An even bigger question is where do you fit in it? Can you even see yourself there? If not, then where? Conversely, your finances, or lack thereof, can leave you with a similar sense of lack, hopelessness and confusion, or can inspire you to push past boundaries. Even for those with money, one bad investment decision can have detrimental consequences. There are lots of questions and to each there can be a myriad answers. But my advice is, only care when finding the answers doesn’t distract from what is important to you — reaching your goals. Find a good financial advisor, keep an open mind and you will be okay in every thought, every step, every feeling, every experience. Because with a knowledgeable financial advisor, your money questions are answered.

Live prosperously!
Judith Smith