Love or Lack?

Do you think it’s the (A) Love or (B) Lack of money that is the root of all evil? I would love to hear your thoughts, and in the meantime here’s mine. Contemplating good and evil is just not my style. Everything is perfectly placed. What I do know, however, is that money, like all other things, is energy. And like in ALL other things, a relationship with money is an energetic one.

I also know this, everything is 100% of its own energy! Health 100%, wealth 100%, our entire evolution – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional – each at 100% equals 400% of a well-experienced life. I can’t possibly split it up and then expect to feel whole. Think about it this way, I wouldn’t go to the doctor and say, “I only want to get 50% better because I only have room for 50% health”. Or to say to my spouse, “oh honey, you can only get 1% love because I have to reserve the other 9% for the children!” This is definitely where the scales would more likely tip towards lack.

Living a life at just 100% simply means that I would have to chop it up into pieces – 25% here, 11% there, 3% somewhere else and so on. And whoa, allocate at least 57% for The Stress (distress) of trying to designate how much % goes where on any given day. In the end, I would feel so D3 – drained, depleted and done.

Isn’t this what most people are feeling every single day?

As it pertains to money, remember the relationship is all about energy. So bringing 25% of energy to a money relationship and expecting to get 100% return was ludicrous. What I’ve learned (am still learning) over the years is that I (and so can you) control the money energy just by the way I think and feel about it. Consider the mind as the governor that dictates the feelings and actions. A few years ago I set out to find a better relationship with money; the thought just simply popped into my mind. I had never heard that term before, but up until then money just wasn’t working out in my life. The ‘relationship’ just had to get better. Money and I are still working it out. Have I already hit the cash jackpot? Well let’s just say…I am expecting to!

From a different view, as for the financial education jackpot, oh, it’s definitely bubbling! And as a result, I became a financial advisor who help others map their way to 400%, or more, life!

Live prosperously,
Judith Smith

image: pixabay