Did you know abracadabra means ‘what I speak is what I create’?

If you’re like me, then you love all things magical, miraculous, surprisingly good…things that leave you with that superhero type of feeling that everything is possible! Bottom line – just downright amazing!

I saw ‘magic’ shows on TV when I was younger. But it wasn’t until about seven years ago that I experienced somewhat of a live performance. A restaurant in Jamaica was frequented by a customer known as Magician. Thinking they called him such because he made ‘magic’ happen at the pool table (he was an expert pool player), I later found out that he was indeed a retired magician. Periodically, he would perform a single trick just out of sheer fun, but one night in particular stands out in my mind. He had succumbed to several requests and in turn asked that I give him a small piece of paper. Upon my doing so, he crumbled it in one hand. And within seconds…Abracadabra!…(okay, he didn’t actually say the word), he opened up that same hand wherein was a crisp JA$5,000 bill. Though fiercely watching, I thought perhaps I had missed something. So, to satisfy my curiosity…or more likely, doubt…he repeated it. Three times in a row – small blank piece of paper, crumble it up, then…Abracadabra!…crisp JA$5,000 bill. It was amazing!

Even more excitement worthy is my increased understanding that we all can create at this ‘magical’ level. However, we don’t often get the intended results because we look for it, the ‘magic’, to happen from outside of ourselves. Well, what if we decided to do something different? What if we tried going within. Imagine you have a wish. I can just bet, no one knows that wish better than you. And in order for anyone to know of it – family, friend, stranger, anyone – you would have to be the one to describe it from inside your mind and imagination. You would have to tell them what it is, what color, what it feels like, where it’s located, what surrounds it, is anyone else a part of it. Everything about it would have to come from within you; through your thoughts, your spoken words, your creative imagination. This, my friend, is the start of you making your magic happen!

But be careful, as by the same focus of attention to create what you do want, you can also create what you don’t want. Either way, thinking, believing, speaking and especially your feeling about it is its creative energy.

The thing that we can learn from Abracadabra and the Magician is – always begin with the end in mind. What is the goal, intention, destination point? Think, speak and create only what you DO desire and don’t settle for less. Keep focus and make your magic real right now.

As a Life Insurance Agent and Financial Advisor, the first part of my job is to listen intently as my clients tell me of their desires. I then set about illuminating a focused path that, depending on their ideals, can range from:
• Individual/Family protection
• Debt elimination
• Retirement planning
• College planning
• Mortgage protection
• Qualified plan conversion (401K, 403B, etc.)
• Business succession & group plans
• Estate planning
• Liquidity, use, control, knowledge (L.U.C.K.)
• Generational wealth building
• Tax favored strategies

I walk with them through immediately increasing their net worth and helping them establish their own private equity banking system. That is magical and it all started from inside of them.

So, what is your money wish? Abracadabra!

Live prosperously,
Judith Smith

Image: pixabay