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If you think you don’t know it all, then surround yourself with people who do.

  1. Meetings: Schedule a complementary meeting to review the state of your finances.
  2. Workshops: Invite us to speak to your group.
  3. Seminars: Our annual seminar gathers top financial advisors who will show you strategies to shift you into position A and keep you there, regardless of your current financial position. It’s their reason for living!
  4. Masterclasses: Can’t wait a whole year? You don’t have to! Chunked into delicious, digestible portions, let our monthly masterclasses take you through an in-depth evaluation of how you think about, understand and manage your money. Everyday, people give up control of their wealth without even realizing it. The only way to win is by knowing the rules. We’re demolishing old barriers and helping you to find answers. Register for a masterclass starting soon.

Go beyond limited and get a panoramic view of where you are financially, where you want to go, and how to get there. Take the first step and schedule a call to see if our services are right for you. We promise, if we can’t help you, we’ll connect you with someone who can.



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According to the SSA, your social security benefits will replace only 40% of your annual pre-retirement earnings, and you will need additional sources of income to retire comfortably. Add us to your calendar for these complimentary workshops, panel discussions, and more.

The number one goal of every employer should be to have happy and productive employees. Too often, an employee’s primary stress is financially related. Group workshops cover simple ways to better money management – managing debt and developing an effective savings plan. A research conducted by AARP found that over 20 million people age 50 and over struggle to make ends meet. Seniors are returning to work because financially they have no choice. Even the SSA encourages young adults to start planning from an early age. Our workshops empower individuals, young and old, to take control of their economic outlook. Lunch & Learn take-aways include:

  • Debt elimination
  • Sensible money management
  • Tax-free retirement planning and lifetime income options
  • Practical planning for major life events
  • Complimentary review of existing plans and coverage

So you’re hosting a get together. You’ll serve the best foods, play favorite songs, tell the funniest jokes, and everyone will have a good time – whether it’s a family reunion, dinner party, or backyard BBQ. So why not set a new trend – make it a Smart Social. Now they’ll leave with more than just a plate of food. With our fun and interactive approach, you can trust us to help you make an impact at your next social event. Your family and friends will thank you for it! Smart Social take-aways include:

  • Prioritizing goals
  • Sensible money management
  • Understanding qualified plans (401K, 403B, TSP, etc.)
  • Tax-free retirement planning and lifetime income options
  • Practical planning for major life events
  • Mortgage protection
  • Funding a college plan
  • Having a prosperity mindset
  • Changing economic DNA and building generational wealth
  • Complimentary review of existing policies

Within the community, the church is the sanctuary, safe-haven and shelter in times of crisis, illness, death. The church is looked upon for spiritual guidance and often financial support. In our presentation, both the church and its members benefit from better financial education and understanding, which may lead to creating a happier church body, greater contribution through tithes, offerings or charitable donations (including final bequests with the church as beneficiary). Schedule us for your next committee meeting. Faith & Finances take-aways include:

  • Final expense (burial) planning
  • Tax-free retirement planning and lifetime income options
  • Estate planning & Asset protection
  • College planning
  • Mortgage protection
  • Long term care planning

Signature Seminar


Get ready for our mind-blowing annual seminar! Gain self-assurance and take charge of your financial choices through a better understanding of key personal financial planning concepts and strategies. Learn how to establish short- and long-term financial goals to maximize your current income, as well as sufficient saving for the future, and examine the best methods for reaching these goals. Topics focus around the “must do’s” for developing your personal financial plan.


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Outside of being fun and informative, our events answer your top-of-the-mind question …”How Do I?” You are not alone out there! Our events bring together like-minded people, both on- and off-stage. You’ll network, increase your knowledge, find (or even help others find) answers. You happened across our site because you’ve opened your mind to a brand new level of financial abundance. We can’t wait to meet you!


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