• Enhancing people's lives
  • Wealth building strategies
  • Personal LI policy evaluation
  • Debt elimination in 9 years or less
  • Tax-free retirement & guaranteed lifetime income
  • College planning and funding
  • Residential/commercial policy evaluation
  • Estate planning, wills, trusts
  • Mortgage protection
  • Qualified plan review and conversion
  • Business benefits
  • Liquidity, use, control, knowledge (LUCK)
  • Practical financial education
Pattern success and success becomes your pattern! - Team Wealth

Real-Life Solutions: Design a life with plan, passion and purpose

What are you really worth - from an economic point of view - and how would you want to be compensated if something happened to you? Thinking along these lines is a part of evaluating your human life value (HLV). HLV focuses on your income potential that may be lost or taken, while your wealth potential (WP) focuses on your future income and its maximum potential value. Let's break it down. Throughout your lifetime, you may have a lot of money pass through your hands, but, it is limited. The time that you have to make that money is also limited. So, you want to begin to see every dollar that you make as having a greater potential value than the dollar itself. When you unnecessarily spend (or lose) a dollar, you've not only lost that dollar, but also lost what that dollar could have earned you had you kept it.

When we say unknowing and unwilling transfer of wealth, we mean including losing the earning power of your money. Every day, people give up control of their WP without even realizing it. Our masterclasses take you through an in-depth evaluation of how you think about, understand and manage your money. The only way to win is by knowing the rules.

Know where you are, where you want to go, and we'll help you get there. By developing patterns for success, you can change your economic DNA and build generational wealth. Start by attending an upcoming event or contacting us for a personal strategy session.

Peace of mind with protecting what matters most - you, your family, your business. - Team Wealth

Real-Life Solutions: The significant role of life insurance for personal and business

No longer your fore-parents’ death plan, today’s life insurance is also about living for today and is designed with your livelihood and lifestyle in mind. Because some people may die too soon, while others are living longer or becoming disabled, life insurance is the unique product that:

  • Offers living benefits (for chronic, terminal and critical illness/injury)
  • Has upside potential and downside protection
  • Immediately increases your net worth
  • Eliminates debt (in most cases 9 years or less, including mortgage, school loans, credit cards, etc.)
  • Provides tax-free retirement income
  • Protects your family's home in case of death or severe injuries/illness resulting in loss of income
  • Covers final expenses and relieve financial burdens as your loved ones cope with the emotional stress
  • Pays tax-free benefits to beneficiaries
  • Funds college education (see how much a traditional plan can cost)
  • Is a must-have in business succession planning and key employee protection

Life insurance should be a vital part of every financial plan. Our team of iAgents can help you understand which type of coverage is best for you, your family and your business needs.

Don't wait for a sudden hit to find out your residential or commercial property is not properly covered! - Team Wealth

Real-Life Solutions: What's in your residential or commercial policy?

  • Do you know what type of residential or commercial insurance you have?
  • Do you know what's covered under your policy?
  • Do you have enough coverage and what's your deductible?
  • Since you purchased your residential or commercial policy, have you reviewed it?
  • What happens when you call your insurance company to file a claim?

Public Adjusters (PAs) serve as negotiators between property owners and their insurance companies. PAs represent policy holders on different levels, including: (1) helping them to answer the above questions and understand policy details; (2) preventing them from filing frivolous or unwarranted claims; (3) evaluating damages and helping owners get fair settlements; (4) debunking common misconceptions about property insurance and the insurance industry in general.

Insurance companies hire professional adjusters to represent them. So should you! Before you call the insurance company, call us first for a free policy evaluation, damage assessment and valuable education. With us on your side, you get complete personalized service and can relax knowing that the experts are handling it.