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Serving you through love, harmony, integrity, and authenticity in business.  In all our connections, the relationship is the value.

Our uncompromising Vision: Peace of mind to every person we meet. 

Our Mission: Enriching people’s lives.

Our Values: A wealth of love, joy, satisfaction.

the Value of

being focused

For 23 years as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, we’ve lived a Certain Way of Life that is loving, respectful, supportive – and we work well together. Every day we share our knowledge with individuals and entrepreneurs just like ourselves; with families just like ours; with students just like we are in daily life; or with such professionals as doctors, lawyers, professors, engineers, and judges. And in each of them, we find ourselves.


We focus on sharing ideas that make their financial lives better. As we help each other find freedoms of living from better financial points of view, we just might come up with a few more ideas on changing ourselves and the world.


family & friendship

Our company, Messengers of Wealth, is driven on the belief that the single most important thing in life is having peace of mind. Within that, are love, joy, serenity, abundance, and personal acceptance.  The people we serve are not just clients; they come with their own unique sense of value, and they become a part of what we endearingly call a self-directed empire – a collective of authentic, long-lasting relationships and experiences with people who are financially powered up. Each one deserving to experience feeling good in every area of life. The truth as we’ve come to know is that money goes a long way in helping with that good-feeling sense of freedom.


We became financial advisors for the love of family and friendship.

We Stand

in our story

We heard a quote once that said, 

“If you want to be immortal, live a life worthy of being remembered.”

After having a near-death experience, we were plagued with this question: “What if we were no longer here, what would people have to say about us?” That later gave way to “…what would we have wanted them to know?” The answer was then immediately clear — we would have wanted them to know how we felt about them. This is the fuel that flames the passion in everything we do.


Because, if the worse had happened, financially we were not prepared. What a shame it would have been if our family and friends had to go seeking financial help to bury not just one, but both of us. (Would this have reflected what we would want them to know; would it have reflected how much we cared about them?) We got angry at that thought, and it motivated us to seek help with changing our financial situation. Not just the type that came with a job and tangible income, but also the type that came with having a sensible financial plan.


There is a wealth of information that is readily available to learn…and to share. We attract people who are just like us — strong minded, motivated motivators who are seeking to improve their financial stance. People who have been in the financial trenches. They’ve done the hard work and they want greater financial stability. They know there is more and their greatest mission is to get it. People who want to change the world, starting with themselves. People who NEED TO, READY TO, WILLING, CAPABLE, ABLE, COACHABLE to change their net worth and their economic DNA, by inspiring others to do the same.

I learned a lot about planning for my future for retirement and college savings for my children. They break everything down so I understand for my personal needs.
I had always thought life insurance was something you get when you're older and had to deal with death. I found out this was not the case at all.
Author & Spiritual Coach
Working with Mr. & Mrs. Smith provides me with a level of comfort that I have grown to appreciate. They are dedicated to their mission of strengthening others financially.
Author & Therapist
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